Carrier Grade Internet

Iris's internet foundation is in providing internet to other internet providers. The core internet design and infrastructure is built for reliability and throughput.  Your company has access to the same reliable and fast network other ISPs (Internet Service Providers) rely on.

Internet is provided to your office across iRis's all fiber Metro Ethernet solution.   Internet access speed start at 50 Mbps and go to 100 Gbps.



iRis's internet starts with huge redundant links to Atlanta, Chicago, and Ashburn.   Then the internet is distributed around three states on a state of the art ringed network.  Rings are important so service is not interrupted by fiber cuts.

Symmetric Bandwidth

iRis sells symmetric internet bandwidth.   The upload speed equals the download speed.  This is extremely important for off site backups, emails, collaboration,  and web hosting.


iRis monitors your internet 24/7/365.  If your link goes down iRis personal will call you, determine root cause, and will work to restoring service.

Scalable Bandwidth

Bandwidth can be upgraded quickly.

Address Space

iRis provides an IPV4 address with your service.  iRis sells address blocks as needed.


iRis support is here to help you.  We have tools to analyze traffic to quickly resolve issues.  Even if the problem is not in iRis's network we are still here to help.


iRis peers with many different companies in Chicago, Atlanta, and Ashburn.  If you have a specific peering need, iRis can work with you.


To reduce latency, iRis partners with many content owners, caching content in iRis's network core.  Moving content closer to you and enhancing your web experience.


Please follow this link to test your existing internet speed.