Metro Ethernet

iRis's Metro Ethernet solution provides the customer with a managed private all fiber network.


Multi Site

The cornerstone of MetroE, is the ability to tie multiple customer sites together on a private network.   iRis can connect your sites anywhere in the US, inside or outside our footprint.

Simplified network design makes your network secure and reliable.


All Fiber Network

iRis's all fiber optic network provides reliability and throughput.  Nothing is more reliable than fiber for transporting data and iRis uses fiber from your equipment to everywhere in the iRis network.




Quality of Service

QoS (Quality of Service) ensures your important real time traffic arrives first without loss and with low latency.  iRis's network is designed to make sure your important data reaches its destination quickly, even when there is network congestion.


Security/ Seperation

Each customer's traffic is completely separate from all other traffic.


Web Portal Tools

iRis provides customers tools reporting bandwidth for each customer site.

Ring Redundancy-1_0_0

Network Rings

Local and state wide fiber rings prevent down time.   If a fiber is cut, traffic switches to the uncut path, preventing costly down time.


Scalable Bandwidth

Bandwidth at each site can be upgraded quickly.



iRis support is here to help you.  We have the tools and know how to analyze traffic, quickly resolving issues.  Even if the problem is not in iRis's network we are here help.



iRis monitors your links and each of your sites' demarc devices.  If a link or site drops, iRis proactively notifies you of outage and  starts debugging issue.