Speed testing your internet connection

Internet speed testing has multiple applications: From testing a new wi-fi access point, debugging the corporate LAN, to testing the ISP’s (Internet Service Provider’s) connection to your company.

The internet speed testing document covers how internet speed testing works and how to get the most accurate results.  Please download the pdf document by clicking on the link..

Key take ways:

  1. Results can be impacted by variables that have nothing to do with internet connection speed.  Some of the variables with the biggest impact are:
    • Internet Browser and PC being used
    • Firewall in the path of testing
    • Speed test server itself.
  2. Creating a baseline test when you know everything is working at 100% will help evaluate your internet connection at a later date.
  3. iRis is here to assist you with your carrier class internet service needs.

Best regards,

David Redys, P.E.